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Membership and Costs

Under our standard membership club members pay monthly dues of $65.
Tows are $1.30/100ft.
Club ships are available to members at no additional cost. We currently have 3 two place (2 Grob 103s and a PW6), 3 single place ( 2 Std Cirrus, a PW5) aircraft available to members. We have 2 Pawnee tow planes.

Joining the club requires a $400 initiation fee, the first months dues of $65.00, and $72.00 for a one year membership in the Soaring Society of America. Family Memberships are available and cost $42.00 for each additional family member. We also offer a 3 flight introductory package for $300, of which $100 can be applied toward membership. Youth membership costs $32.50/mos and Student membership costs $32.50/mos. 

The Visiting Guest Member Program for private ship owners costs $50/Calendar year with tow fees of $50 to 2000 ft. and below, $65 to a max of 3000 ft. Requirements are SSA membership and proof of one million dollars in liability insurance. Guest members also pay $5 per day field usage fee, and can not fly club aircraft.


Membership Categories and Costs:

Standard Membership: Dues $65.00 mos, Initiation Fee $400.00, SSA Dues $72.00/yr

Family Membership: Dues for additional family member $42.00/mos, SSA Dues $42.00/yr.

Student  Membership: Dues: $32.50/mos, Initiation Fee $400.00, SSA Dues $42.00/yr.

Visiting Guest Membership: $50.00/Calendar yr, $5.00/day field use fee.
                                            -Tows $50.00 to 2K ft. and $65.00 to 3K ft.

Visitor Rides: $140.00  $40 is donated to the Youth fund.

***3 flight introductory package for $300, of which $100 can be applied toward membership.***

TuSC Inc. Mailing Address.

The Tucson Soaring Club, Inc.
Suite 154, PMB 165

7320 N La Cholla Blvd.
Tucson AZ 85741-2354